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Hey all.. Tony here or ARB

Recording is a strange thing. On one hand you have the ability to try all the cool tricks and get all the sounds you've always read about or wanted to try. On the other hand it's very hard to capture that agression or energy that happens when you're on stage. Well this week I went to tubefi studios with the sole intension of getting the "sound". I worked for a couple hours trying different mics and mic placements. This will be the first recording with my new "old" amp the 64 Super Reverb. I'm definately digging it. After a little tweaking I laid down some killer tracks for a song going on the CD called Free. I think as far as tone gones this is by far going to be the best sounding CD I've ever had the opportunity to record.

I'm incorporating several amps and guitars on this project. As we get the songs closer along I'll try to list what amp, guitar, pedal combo's went on what songs. To some this means nothing, to those few like me.. tone freaks....... this'll mean everything. :)

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and stay tuned for the CD!