Taping Policy

Audience taping is permitted at all shows. Guest performances with other artists will be governed by that artist's policy. When performing at a festival or other event featuring multiple bands, that event's policy may override ARB's customary taping policy. All taping is audio only with microphones only (no soundboard patches) unless worked out prior with the band.

No live recording, regardless of quality or format of distribution, is to be exploited commercially by anyone in any way at any time without the band's explicit, written permission. In other words, you are free to trade recordings or even give them away but we do not want to see them offered for sale at any price, even if the price quoted is ostensibly only to cover the costs of duplication, packaging, and/or shipping.

While all types of monophonic and two-track stereo recording equipment is permissible as long as it does not interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the show visually or otherwise, no front-of-house sound board patches will be provided. Board tapes are often very poor representations of shows because the size and acoustic qualities of show rooms vary greatly. This often results in the engineer running less guitar through the mains, creating board mixes that are very heavy on vocals and drums.

While it is by no means a requirement, the band does request that, as a courtesy, taping fans forward a CD copy of any recordings of reasonable quality to them at the following address:

Anderson Road
po box 2911
PIkeville, KY 41502

Please make sure that the exterior of the package is marked "Live ARB" and that the CD is somehow labeled with the date and location of the recorded performance along with your own name and contact information.

Enjoy yourselves!