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To answer a couple of emails .... yes Saad Ave. is or was a real place. I wrote it about real people who lived on the Saad Ave. Since then Pikeville has done major demolition and it's no more. I wrote the song in just a few minutes one night after driving through. I was inspired by the thought that a bad street or bad part of town doesn't necessarily mean bad people. Listen to an previously unreleased version here
ARB at Big Mama's
New Drummer

Anderson Road

is proud to announce our newest member and official drummer, Renny Hall. Renny has been a longtime friend and has played for years in and around the same circles as Tony and Shane. Renny's resume is includes such bands as
# West Wind Band
# Kentucky Opry
# BPR220
# a DMB Cover Band
# Red Wasper Boys
# Eldon Huff
# Bo Allen
# Eddie Barber & Ky Bred
# Bypro Station

just to name a few.

With the inclusion of Renny's technical drumming prowess Tony and Shane feel Anderson Road is set to start a whole new chapter. ARB has big plans, new songs and a great second wind for 08. More info about ARB and Renny Coming Soon.
ARB play to thousands
Anderson Road played Friday night at the World Chicken Festival in London, Ky. Sheri and Mix96 put together a great stage and we look forward to working with them again. This was the first show we did with Renny Hall on drums. We were very happy that it worked out that he could play both days with us. He did a great job and the guys were very excited to have him playing. We had a great time being on the road again (even if it was only two hours away). We got to eat some great Chinese food and even saw the world's largest skillet.

We left London on Saturday morning and headed for Whitesburg for the Mountain Heritage Festival. There was already a ton of people there when we pulled into the fest at about 3. There was already about a thousand people sitting around the stage in their lawn chairs and sitting on blankets. By the time Anderson Road took the stage there were people crammed from one end of the field to the other. I dont know if there is an official count anywhere but everyone i asked said between 3000 and 4000 people were in attendance. I also got to eat a deep fried PB&J sandwich that was out of this world. I was so excited about it that i took a picture of it! But we loved every minute of the festival and can't wait til next year.

Anderson Road will be at Apple Days friday oct 5th at 5. This will probably be the last festival the band will be at this year since festival season is winding down. So come out and hang with us and eat a bunch of festival food!

See ya at the show!
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