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Anderson Road now uses only Rick Johnson Cabs for our Bass and Guitar amps.

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Anderson Road

is proud to announce our newest member and official drummer, Renny Hall. Renny has been a longtime friend and has played for years in and around the same circles as Tony and Shane. Renny's resume is includes such bands as
# West Wind Band
# Kentucky Opry
# BPR220
# a DMB Cover Band
# Red Wasper Boys
# Eldon Huff
# Bo Allen
# Eddie Barber & Ky Bred
# Bypro Station

just to name a few.

With the inclusion of Renny's technical drumming prowess Tony and Shane feel Anderson Road is set to start a whole new chapter. ARB has big plans, new songs and a great second wind for 08. More info about ARB and Renny Coming Soon.
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