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To answer a couple of emails .... yes Saad Ave. is or was a real place. I wrote it about real people who lived on the Saad Ave. Since then Pikeville has done major demolition and it's no more. I wrote the song in just a few minutes one night after driving through. I was inspired by the thought that a bad street or bad part of town doesn't necessarily mean bad people. Listen to an previously unreleased version here
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Hey guys.  Just wanted to give an update about our recording.  We finished another song last night and a rough mix of it is on our myspace and our website.  We decided to record the bigtone song "Saad Ave."  It's always been a favorite of all of ours and it came off great.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  But remember, this is an unmastered mix of the song so be kind.  :)


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