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 We're going back to the studio tonight to do vocals.  The songs are coming off awesome.  We're totally pumped about how it's all coming out.  This week we track two more songs.  There is five total so far.  We plan on tracking another instrumental this weekend.

As far as the recordings go we're trying to do a live session with all of us playing at the same time.  It's hard capturing that jam band thing on tape but I'm very happy with our attempts. Here is a list of the songs we've cut so far.

In no particular order...

1. Jimi Jam
2, Candle
3. Free
4. Everywhere I See
5. Saad Ave.

Yes we decided to record the bigtone song Saad Ave.  It's a great song and we think it fits with what we're doing.
So anyway vocals tonight and hopefully mixing next week and duping the next!


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