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To answer a couple of emails .... yes Saad Ave. is or was a real place. I wrote it about real people who lived on the Saad Ave. Since then Pikeville has done major demolition and it's no more. I wrote the song in just a few minutes one night after driving through. I was inspired by the thought that a bad street or bad part of town doesn't necessarily mean bad people. Listen to an previously unreleased version here
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Here are a few pics from "Anderson Road" in the studio.  Tonight was a very successful night.  We tracked drums, bass and two guitars on a new song.  It came off rockin.  Tony got to break out the SG as well as the SRV on this tune.  The guys are really pumped to get out there play there music live.  Something we decided early on though was to have everything ready once we start.  Merch, Music & Shows are all coming together and soon Anderson Road will be able to ready to rock.
 70s Tele Custom
There is a very good chance some audio will be online this week.  One of the tunes is an instrumental and it's about 80% finished.  We will be recording percussion this week on it and it'll atleast mixed enough to let everyone check it out.
Stay tuned and stay cool.
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